Egypt my Love

September 6, 2016

Enjoy traveling to Egypt and get a Hand to Explore more ,Egypt is a fascinating land ,The land known today as Egypt has remained a remarkable constant through the millennia in Africa’s northeast corner. The modern name “Egypt” is Greek (Aigyptos), originating in the hieroglyphic hi-kuptah, “palace of the ka (soul) of (the god) Ptah. ” Called Misr in Arabic today, it was Misrayim (Hebrew) in the Old Testament. Mentioned among the world’s initial 70 nations in the Table of Nations of Genesis 10, Misrayim was listed with the sons of Ham who settled Africa. Misrayim, dual of Misr, seemingly reflects the dual nature of ancient Egypt. Egyptians called their country the “Two Lands, ” considering the Nile Valley as Upper (southern) Egypt and the delta as Lower (northern) Egypt. Each was symbolized by a plant native to their region: the lotus (water lily) in Upper Egypt and the papyrus in Lower Egypt.

They also referred to their country as the “Black Land” (kemet), alluding to the inhabited river valley and delta. That was opposed to the “Red Land” (deshret), the desert—the Arabian Desert to the east and the Libyan Desert to the west. Throughout history, Egyptians lived almost exclusively in the Nile River Valley and its expanded delta. Only ten percent of Egypt’s surface, it has supported 99 percent of the nation’s population from earliest times. Because the region receives minimal rain, the Nile’s annual flood has been critical for Egypt’s continuance. The river’s modern name is Greek in origin (Neilos). Called Bahr en-Nil in Arabic, its earliest name was h’py in hieroglyphs (the same name as the Nile god—Hapy). A later hieroglyphic name, itrw, simply meaning “river”, was also appropriate, since it is Egypt’s only river. The Biblical Hebrew name, ye’or (Gn 41:2-3; Ex 2:3, 5; 7:15, 17, 20-21), was a modification of that hieroglyphic name. One of the world’s longest rivers, over 5, 600 km (3, 500 mi) long, the Nile valley is a ribbon of green up to 16 km (ten mi) . After Egypt’s revolution many questions have been raised about the tourist safety in the country. we simply assure that Egypt is safe , what the media propose is the protesting situation which is usually running down a certain square or section , while the rest of the country specially the tourists attraction sites are very safe .and the Egyptian government support very firmed security procedures around tourists sites .

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