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September 6, 2016

Safe eating while travelling in Egypt ?!

With succulent grilled meats, fish and vegetables, Egyptian cuisine has something to appeal to most eaters though in order to avoid stomach troubles while on holiday, it’s worth taking a few precautions. As tap water is highly chlorinated it’s best to avoid salads unless dining in upmarket restaurants, hotels and cruise boats. Any food you do eat should be piping hot to ensure it’s been cooked properly – avoid food that looks like it has been sitting around for awhile. Try taking a probiotic a few weeks before and during your holiday to build your own natural defence against bugs that may come into contact with your stomach.

What’s the food like in Egypt?

Egyptian cuisine is not unlike the cuisine of Turkey, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. The basic staple centres on pulses – fuul medames (fava beans often served with vegetables and boiled egg) and ta’amiyya (chickpea patties) though visitors to Egypt are more likely to encounter a delicious spread to meats accompanied by salads, rice, seasoned vegetables, and mezzes. Houmous and other yoghurt-based dips, coupled with fresh pitta, schwarma (similar to a Turkish doner kebab), kofta (a skewered spiced meat dish) and fiteer (a kind of pizza) are other popular dishes. The lunchtime bargain has to be kosheri, though – a curious mix of noodles, rice, lentils, fried onion and spicy sauce. It’s very tasty and exceedingly cheap. Bread is a staple of Egyptian cuisine and you’ll a version served with every meal. Vegetarians should find plenty of options with stuffed peppers, grilled aubergine and baked squash popular meat-free dishes in Egypt.

Exotic juices freshly squeezed from the fruits of mango, guava and other seasonal varieties are also widely available, as is fresh fruit. Alcohol is not readily available as Egypt is a predominantly Islamic country though the major hotel chains usually have well-stocked bars.

What cities or regions in Egypt would you recommend visitors spend the most time in?

For travelers interested in the pyramids and ancient history, Luxor and Cairo are the most important stops.  Aswan is a cultural experience . It’s a great place to experience Nubian hospitality and gorgeous views of the Nile.  Dahab , Sharm Elsheikh , Marsa Alam and Hurghada  recommended  highly, especially for those interested in beaches, scuba diving and water sports..

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