Egyptraveluxe are Local guides ,Expert Trip designers and trusted travel specialists  who are passionate about showing the cool Egypt, a land full of unique monuments , unforgettable people, places, sounds, smells, tastes and experiences – from the coolest city in the Middle East Cairo to the furthest reaches of the White Desert , or Sinai and Red Sea , the Southern city Aswan  , Luxor , the Abusimbel , and the unique city of Alexandrea. An-dour services extend further, to Jordan with tours of Petra, Egypt .

Egyptraveluxe was Founded in 2009 as a tourism website, and  has grown into what is today one of Egypt’s leading tourism operators with an operational fleet of 25 vehicles from private cars through to minibuses and larger coaches, three offices (in Cairo, serving Giza and the Center of Cairo, in Hurghada , serving the Red Sea coast and Sharm , and in Luxor, serving the South), and a team of industry leading customer service and operations experts, backed up by our on the ground team of drivers, guides, and assistants. Our philosophy is to provide travel with passion and create experiences which will go beyond simply ticking the list of sites which must be seen.

  • Become a one stop hub for travelers in Egypt to plan their trip using our expert resources and personal advice, whilst socializing with fellow travelers and locals in a cozy non formal environment.
  • We provide accurate and up to date travel information as well as quality tours designed for the needs and interests of independent travelers! We have a variety of tours you can choose of our long list or we are happy to customize upon your interest and budget !

As a tour operator, we are constantly developing our range of hand-crafted tours and activities across Egypt, from day tours to extreme activities, striving to offer something for everyone who visits Egypt. We strive to provide visitors to Egypt with the best possible experience and work with likeminded individuals throughout – those who are the best in the business and who share with us our belief that travel is about more than just about ticking a list of boxes, but is a time of discovery and experience. And a time of personal memories which will remain you for ever.

Our reputation as one of Egypt’s leading tour operators is evidenced by the inclusion of many of our tours in leading global publications (our Petra tours have been noted in the NY Times, our Masada tours in Rough Guides, our Cairo city tours in Fodors and the Guardian, and our desert adventures in Bloomberg Pursuits), and of course, our thousands of happy customers who have shared their feedback with us, and on review websites such as TripAdvisor, who have awarded us with the Certificate of Excellence.

As an information website, Egyptraveluxe proudly present independent tourists with an extensive vault of free information and content to make any Egypt trip unforgettable. From events to off the beaten track information, and practical instructions for visiting Egypt, our team works hard to ensure that we have you covered.

In everything we do, we strive to offer the best, with local insights, unique angles, and individual memories. And our happy readers and travelers  from all corners are what keep inspiring us to work to offer more!

9 facts Why Book With Egyptraveluxe Tours?

  • VIP Services

    Skip the lines, free drinks and more just for VIPs like you.

  • Time-Smart

    No detour, no time wasting, well-planed itinerary.

  • Go Local

    Local guides, local foods, discover the local culture in a local way!

  • Knowledgeable Guides

    Friendly, informative guides are ready to show you the stories.

  • Great Value for Money

    Spend less, experience more, make full use of every cent.

  • Real Private Tours

    Only you and your companions  to tour at your own pace .

  • Hassle-free adventures

why spend hours agonizing over every detail of your adventure when you can leave it to someone who                lives and breathes your style of travel?

  • Unbeatable value

    While other companies tours might drop you off at the Great Pyramid and leave you to fend for yourself, our local expert Guide will give you great value every step of the way.

  • Just the right balance

    it’s your holiday. Although we do have an itinerary to stick to, there are always opportunities to make the journey a little more you. Found a cafe you want to try? Want to add-on an Urban Adventure? There’s always room for improvisation and an adventure of your own.

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